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Take your SEO content writing to another level with Keysearch Content Assistant. Content Assistant is an SEO writing tool that helps you create better content. It uses our specially built AI to analyze the first page Google results and bring back loads of info like which words, phrases, questions, and headings are most used. This allows you to see exactly what content the search engines are looking for so you can create better content, and rank above your competitors. Try our free SEO content editor by signing up now.

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Analyze The Top Google Results

Once you've chosen a focus keyword, Content Assistant will show you the keyword difficulty score, average word count, and keyword recommendations to include within your content in order to rank on the first page.

You can see a breakdown of the top ranking SERP URLs with their titles and corresponding word counts. This gives you a clear picture of exactly what each of your competitors is targeting. Now you have a basic framework of how long your content needs to be and how difficult the keyword will be to rank.

Analyze google results
Optimize your content

Optimize Your Content

Content optimization is a breeze when using the Keysearch Content Assistant. We give you a list of "Must Words". These are words and phrases that we feel should definitely be included in your content.

Our custom-tailored algorithm finds these words and phrases by analyzing each of the top ranking URLs and seeing which of these words or topics are most used across the top ranking results. As you write we show you which words you've already used and what is still needed.

More Keywords To Fill Out Your Content

We also have a separate section to show you more target keywords and topics you may want to include. These are not a "must" but can help you fill out your content and rank for more keywords within the same article or blog post.

We include related keywords and the top ranking keywords for the 1st Google result. This is an incredible advantage as you can now include these other topics. This allows your content to rank for the full, broad range of keywords covered by this topic. This maximizes the impact of every piece of content you write.

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Content That Covers The Full Topic

Google loves ranking content that fully covers the entire topic or keyword. Content Assistant does all the hard work of finding every last thing you may want to cover in your article. We do a content analysis of the top ranking pages and show you what topic headings they are using. You'll also see where in their text hierarchy those headings lie, so you can decide where those topics may best be used in your article.

To even further give your article an edge, we bring in a list of the most asked questions about the keyword. You can literally go one by one through these questions and answer as many as you'd like. Make your article the most insightful out of any of the top-ranking pages. The search engines and your readers will love this!

Content that covers the full topic
Research your topic

Research Your Topic

Nothing is worse than having to spend hours researching the topic you want to cover. Content Assistant saves you a ton of time by allowing you to do any research needed right in the tool. Click on any keyword or phrase, and Content Assistant will show you the best content we've found on those topics.

You can restrict the search to just the top-ranking pages for the focus keyword or use our bigger database to gain even more insight. We also give you a quick link to any of the websites if you want to dive in even further.

SEO Editing At It's Finest

Even if you've already written your content you can still utilize Content Assistant as your secret weapon. It's an SEO writing assistant tool that can beef up all of your current blog posts. Just take any content you'd like and put into the SEO text editor. Right away you'll see where your content stacks up against the competition and what you can do to give it that extra boost.

Now picture all of the extra rankings you can grab by tweaking your old content and making it the best it can be.

SEO content editing
AI Content Generation

AI Content Generation

AI (artificial intelligence) is all the rage right now, especially when it comes to content creation. Keysearch has multiple AI content generation modules built right into Content Assistant to help you speed up your workflow.

Generate article titles, descriptions, lists or entire pieces of content with the built in AI text generation features. Whether you want the AI to do the heavy lifting or just help get the ideas and creative juices flowing, you have all the options at your disposal.

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Content That Brings Rankings

SEO writing is no longer about keyword density or having the best meta description. In order to compete for the top spots in the Google rankings, your content has to deliver the goods. Using an SEO writing assistant speeds up your content creation time and helps your content score big points with Google's algorithm.

With Keysearch our SEO Tools give you access to the best keyword research and writing tools to help you on your journey to ranking on page one!

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